Laser Ear Cropping

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Laser Ear Cropping


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What is the best age to have my dog’s ears cropped?

Between 8-12 weeks*. At this age, your puppy’s cartilage is more tender and moldable. Healing will be less traumatic than for would be for an older puppy.


What’s the difference between the LASER and traditional techniques?

The LASER is by far the more popular and more recommended technique. We are proud to be one of the few hospitals in the proximity to be able to offer this service at a reasonable price. This option boasts less bleeding, less pain, faster recovery and a cleaner, sharper cut. This technique uses a CO2 laser to make the cut. In doing so, blood vessels and nerve endings are sealed. With the traditional technique, on the other hand, the cut is made with scissors and because of significantly more bleeding that results, a bandage must be applied.

Regardless of which technique is employed, general anesthesia is used, vitals are monitored during the surgery, and stitches are placed. It is also important to note that aftercare by the care-taker is vital to the outcome of the surgery. This involves the administration of pain medications, keeping the ears clean, and following the doctor’s instructions for follow-up appointments. Also, your pet will be under general anesthesia and vitals will be monitored.


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Which breeds are commonly done at your facility?

Pitbulls, Bullies, Great Danes, Dobermans, Argentinian Dogos, Schnauzers, Min Pins


*This procedure is strictly cosmetic; cropping won’t cause ear infections.